In our portfolio you can find products to develop greener and Ecolabel products. As a specialty supplier, we offer solutions that face the challenge of keeping or upgrading quality being simultaneously sustainable, recyclable, renewable and/or ecological.

Products like phenalkamines epoxy curing agents based in cashew nutshell liquid. With this technology we can have low viscosity for low or zero VOC, high performance, cost effective from a natural non-food chain and annually renewable biomaterial.

A Sustainable Additive Portfolio that includes a range of innovative additives for environmental friendly non-VOC systems with emphasis on sustainable chemistry, including Corrosion Inhibitor, Wetting & Levelling Agents and Open Time Improvers, Defoamers/Anti-Foam/Deareator, Dispersants and Stabilized Silica Solutions.

A range of biocides for Ecolabel and label-free products that can be used in coatings, detergency and cosmetic.

A range of engineered water-soluble polymers that are highly functional but also recyclable, biodegradable, non-toxic and marine-safe at the end of life.
Hydropol™ products, based on polyvinyl alcohol, are produced using a proprietary manufacturing process that creates a stable resin which is suitable for thermoplastic extrusion. Hydropol™ can be used as a single polymer or in combination with traditional materials for high performance applications, whilst also maximising recyclability, biodegradability and reducing global pollution.

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